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03.30.2012 , 11:48 AM | #1
you have had months to fix resolve.. every *********** toon has a stun/slow/immobilize, in many cases toons have multiple. Your resolve system does not work.. with full resolve I can still be immobilized by a warriors leap, stunned again, slowed, or whatever brilliant word you found in the thesaurus to get around the word stun.

Yes resolve seems to periodically work.. especially when an oppsing player has no resolve built up and my pull or stun seems to have no effect.

In addition, my break stun is on such a *********** long cooldown I might as well not bother. Besides, even if I do hit the break stun I can be immediately stunned after the fact. What is the point.

I am tired of being stun locked and killed because you fine people cant seem to find a programmers book on global immunity timers.

You have received my last dollar. If I wanted this kind of aggravation I would still be playing WoW. Maybe one of your competitors are smarter and realize pvp is not forcing one player to sit and watch the monitor while getting his toons brains bashed in without any recourse what so ever.