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03.30.2012 , 10:46 AM | #9
it's not an issue with either your hardware nor your resolution. it's simply game engine downscaling from 1920x1200 resolution making the picture somewhat unsharpened. same thing with whole game. it looks quite good with 1920x1080 and only after a while you start noticing blurry image, text especially, but downsize your resolution a little more and you start noticing the game engine can't handle resizing images all that well.

this engine is broken, rather than loading textures based on your resolution, it ALWAYS loads maximum resolution textures and then just downscales it to your monitor's resolution (AND THEN either your monitor or your graphics card downscales the image further to the resolution you've set in your settings menu).

it's both a very bad performance and quality wise.

to proof my point, see how even BEST machines are having so much problems with micro stuttering in this game.

i understand the need to put one type of textures due to vast areas with lots of different textures, but texture can be compressed and then loaded. it's simply lack of creativity on developers end.

to sum up and answer your question as simply as possible - it cannot be fixed, it's internal engine's fault your image is blurry.