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03.30.2012 , 07:13 AM | #8
Update on Latency Issue:

Having latency spikes at random times lasting from 2-3 secs to 2-3 mins and getting from 10K 340K latency. Sometimes leads to disconnect and error 9000 and other times returns to normal.

Steps already made
-Contacted ISP (they say line has no issue)
-changed router (improved a little but problem still here)
-updated all drivers
-flushed DNS
-removed and re-added swtor.exe and launcher to firewall
-rebooted and (30/30/30) reseted router multiple times
-reloaded (Ctr-U x2) UI

Nothing changed!

Pathping and tracert indicates no issue.

Playing at Hydian Way Server, Last spike was today March 30, 13.23 13.26 GMT, it happened while in a warzone and lasted more than 3 mins and then got back without disconnecting.
The following pathping and tracert is same time in game I had 280K latency



Also have been monitoring my connection with PingPlotter Pro for the last 5 days and none of the times the ingame spikes happen there is unusual higher latency towards the gameserver monitored by pingplotter . For example 3000 ms ingame while pingplotter indicates 179ms to server same time.

Im afraid that all this seems to point at issue at your end, plz fiz cause it would be shame to quit a wonderful game due to connectivity problems:/