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If you are talking about the forum. They have even stated in the thread that it's best to wait for 5 stacks, but the dps loss is ~1percent DPS. Please don't state things that are random tosses of misinformation spouted by the misreading of a thread.

I stated in pvp is the only time not waiting on 5 stacks is not a dps loss. This is inherently true a loss of 1 percent is still a loss. If you feel you can't use discharge when it hits 5 without waiting a few GCD's to pop it than use it on CD between 3 and 5. Using Discharge with less than 3 stacks on it is a significant dps loss.
Ive never seen a post backed up by numbers in a simulcraft chart that shows discharge used on CD doing less dps than not using it on CD....could you link that info please?