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03.29.2012 , 03:27 PM | #19
Yeah, the jedi ship is a bit lacking isn't it, lol. My sith's and my Agent travel in style...awesome ships. My smug's isn't half bad either, it has *everything*

But yeah, there are no crew quarters at all in the jedi ship...I just figure Doc sleeps with my jedi, rusk sleepwalks apparently, scourge is immortal and just guards the cargo bay (he'd be welcome to sleep with my jedi, if only BW had made him romanceable...I'd love to awaken those long dead sensations, lol) I have a hard time imagining some of these people sharing close quarters. I figure the sleep compartments must shut like on a train or something.

I reckon there must be a bathroom somewhere on the jedi ship, seeing as Doc demands his 30 minutes a day in the 'refresher' lol.