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Previously posted by Awnay:
"I have only played for a month, yet put in 40 tickets in-game. And to this day, every time i enter the game or change zones, the green envelope icon is flashing for the very first ticket i put in.

I have about 10 tickets for that flashing icon. First they explained how to click on the icon to use the ticket system? Are you kidding me? Lol. How do they think they got the tickets in the first place?

Then they said it would flash till it was closed, and closed the ticket again.

I cheerfully explain the ticket has been closed now for a month.

They say its impossible and close the ticket.

I finally suggest that they actually delete that first ticket so it cannot trigger the flashing. OH this one caught someones attention and they locked this ticket for a few days. Lol. And it looked like it was fixed.

But after a few days the flashing was back again, and remains. Its so annoying.
Im like huh? I dont have amd, Lol."

Oh my gosh, I thought it was only me! I had submitted a ticket some time ago, because I forgot the answer to one of my security questions. I know, I know, it was stupid of me, but yeah, that's what I did. So I submitted a ticket, and the response was what I should have known - I would have to call CS. So between it all, I remembered the answer to the security question (yay!), and since the ticket was closed, I thought no more of it.

Since then, I have been constantly asked security questions, whenever I want to use the search function on the forums, or of course, post on the forums, which I rarely do, or play the game. EVERY TIME.

So I filed another ticket about this, AND about the suddenly appearing flashing icon described above. The flashing icon is alerting me to the closed ticket regarding my not remembering my security question's answer. For heaven's sake... I was being asked security questions, just to get into the game.

Finally, I ordered a darn physical security key thingy, and suddenly, no more security questions being asked of me. BUT, I still have that flashing icon waiting for me, every time I log into the game.


The only response to my last ticket, which described all of this much better than I am attempting to do again (because I'm frustrated just thinking of it, and it's just a game, but gee whiz!) - the only response has been to say they will send this along to the development team?! - oh, and the ticket is closed - as though this issue has been resolved!

It hasn't been resolved.