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dont worry, i reported bugs and hackers and exploiters and botters through the ingame ticket system, i type a ticket up, send it, 1min later i get a generic reply then 1min later all 6 tickets gets closed and i get a warning for submitting false tickets.... i was at awe, that is why the reason is i dont play this game anymore iam just letting my subscription run out, i PAID for a SIX MONTH sub, this issue happened in my thrid month of subscription (that was Feb and now it is Mar and sub ends in June) the CS in this game is like zero to none, and if you get any help at all the CS rep is rude and unhelpful (i called when i had game launching crashing issues) all the rep said it was my computer rig and hung up.. but my rig is a brand new i7 system that far exceeds the recommended requirements of this game.
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