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03.29.2012 , 05:43 AM | #118
"True Open World" doesn't work in faction based games. It works great in truly open world sandbox games, but as soon as you introduce factions you introduce imbalance, which is a major problem and has been for years. You can get some semblance of order by introducing a third faction but that's obviously a tonne of work and doesn't always help (my DAoC server had nobody RvRing on Midgard and only a few on Albion).

PvPvE with balancing mechanics works much better, whether through extra NPC support or a Tenacity style buff, but it's still far from perfect and really, really hard to balance.

Faction population capped is very difficult to balance - the faction with the over population will have a hard time getting games and the underdogs will still suffer from games where they don't reach the cap (we see this in Voidstar and Alderaan already - it's rare we start with a full team on my server). Besides which, it just becomes another Warzone - just make another Warzone if you're going down this route.

Guild based could be very interesting, but I think it would be very limiting if it was based solely around guilds. I don't always pvp with my guild, for instance - I have friends I play with regularly in other guilds.

Honestly, being a hotbar MMO you're very limited in what's going to be fresh. Even GW2 is restricted by the fact that it's based around putting out numbers rather than skill, and that's looking like the most interesting PvP the genre has to offer so far. You could look in their direction for some guidance but at the end of the day hotbar PvP just isn't all that fun after a while because you peak far too quickly in terms of challenge. Maybe look at bringing in some X-Wing vs TIE Fighter style space combat!