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Rofl, Heroic 4s are one of the reasons this game leveling system doesn't blow balls..

I lvled up with 2 other friends (we always had a pug healer with us and it was usually the same guy) and we flew to 50 very quickly because we only did the Class quests on whatever Planet we were on, and the Heroics, i mean we skipped a STUPID amount of quests, Hell I'm still finding places i've not been on my 3rd Character i'm lvling... all because of Heroic 4's, If you group up in this game, they're honestly the fastest XP in the game, and the best way to lvl period.

This is one of the few games that actually did it right on lvling, You can solo if ya want, and you have some nice solo content, but if you group, it's faster and you get rewarded for doing it.
Most people that play this game have no friend who also play and since most planets are empty it is very hard to find a group.
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