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Pretty much all Heroic 4s can be done by 2 people plus companions unless you get into some oddball one like The First Commando and your healer is merc (he cannot interrupt, so your tank gets one shot by the final boss because you don't have two interrupts). Problem is 95% of the time the guy you find isn't going to be convinced 2 is enough and will be looking for a tank and a healer, which he will pretty much never find. Looking at chat with the guys who are "LF2M for some heroic 4" I can say with certainty most people are too scared to do them with 2 so the fact that they can be done with 2 doesn't help.

All the heroic 2s can be soloed unless they feature a mob mix that you cannot CC. For example Assassins can't fight the mobs in the Heroic 2 in Belsavis because all the mobs are droids (but he can just stealth past them). I think some ACs can only CC droids and they'd get mauled by a standard 2 elite + 1 strong humanoid formation.

The point is not whether I can do them. I actually can do a lot of them especially the ones where you just have to click on something (send in companion to die, click, done), and most are quite easy with stealth. The point is that they're clearly not done by most people. Go to any planet and you'll see the same guys that's LFM for Heroic 4s all day. What's the point of the content if it's not done? You don't need it to level, it's not really that challenging, and the reward isn't even very good. I'm only doing it because I want to see if they've interesting story (and if you're curious, they do not). Other than for the sake of being a completist, there's really no reason to do it. Sure it doesn't harm me to do it, but what's the point of content if it's never done?