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Maybe take from "that" other game, things like Ring of Blood, Amphitheater of Anguish were a great distraction while questing, it was good to grab a group for these as the Exp was brilliant, the end rewards were very useful plus the little things like health pots and so on.

I normally wait for a few mates to catch up to an area and then I will go and run them through the H4's, I normally just skip them as while I quest I also sign up for PVP so the exp isn't worth the time it takes to find a group and do the quests, but this is just me. If people ask in General for a Healer or Tank I will go along unless I don't have the quest yet, some tried to share but it doesn't always work, yet if you go pick it up it's fine.

They need to make the Exp either a little more worth while or rewards better, give people the incentive to run these and they will do it, but remove a couple as well so people feel like they are missing out if they don't do them.

From what I have done I found because I do PVP a lot, I normally only ever complete half a planet if that, I did it on Quesh recently, I did the class quest and moved on, I was too high for the area, so moved onto Hoth I think it was for class story line.