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This is not the direction that BioWare needs to go. I can't believe your are encouraging base trading when you know that is exactly all your system would accomplish. People need reasons to want to fight to keep a base just as bad as they need reasons to take it in the first place. If all you do is trade bases then that is NOT fun. That is NOT PvP. That is PvE in a PvP zone. We don't need another Warhammer here. We need something more like DAoC or Aion. A game with a 3rd faction to balance sides and then give players a reason to not only take a base, but to defend it.
I don't see a 3rd faction coming any time, or honestly ever.. But you are right about being more like DAoC and less like WAR, and that being the rewards for the open world PvP.

Warhammer rewarded the individual... People just wanted their next piece of epic loot, and used the most efficient way to get it. Trading wins

DAoC rewarded the entire faction with bonuses, and a dungeon. People wanted these, and would defend the keeps to maintain the rewards. Typically dropping whatever they were doing to help when an opposing raid occured.