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1) I love this game and I love open world pvp. Unfortunately with the recent warzone changes Ilum is consistently empty. Bad world pvp is still better than none...while Illum was repetitive at least the fights were large in scale and epic. A little zerg definitely adds a little color to the pvp scene and if you cant tell I miss it dearly.

2) Id love an increase in the possibility of encountering the opposite faction while questing in any new zones. Via by design or proximity.

3) I love large chaotic fights...I'd love to see Warzones that cap out 16,24,36 per side.

4) PvPvE is definitely something to consider. Taking keeps in Lotro, Warhammer was fun and interesting.

5) My Sorc would love you if you gave him another burst tool and a defensive cool down that can't be used offensively. Aggro drop ability Im looking at you... (yes im being greedy)

6) Valor legacy unlocks that give quick travel options from anywhere in the game to "open world" pvp areas.

Thank you for reading!
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