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Heres how to do the open world

PVP bases on other planets besides ilum.

Why should there be pvp bases on other planets?

Everyone cant be everywhere at once. This was the problem with ilum the outnumbered side couldnt go anywhere (except for warzones this is not a open world solution).

If there was other planet pvp bases it would thin out the fights and make it better for all. I see no negative to this if someone reading this does please let me know.

When one side is outnumbered and bieng camped they should have the option to go to other planets pvp bases. No one wants to be camped and have no where to go and warzones is not a solution to this issue.

heres how the quest for open world pvp should look like this is for ilum base take you can apply this pic to other planet base takes.

These pvp bases need to have base bosses that have 200k morale and it takes a raid to kill the base boss. This base boss should have a chance to drop a armor piece or pieces that everyone can roll on and also as the pic shows give the champ bags/bm coms for reward.

Having the open world pvp quest rewards be the highest valor gains and com gains/credit gains will make the open world pvp more interesting to everyone.
We have an entire team dedicated to adding content and features to player vs. player. We have some of the most experienced PvP developers in the world on this team.James Ohlen Ilum is bieng reworked as it wasnt a fun or exciting experience