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I think PvPvE is pretty much the only option to get the Open World feel. If you are going to limit the player caps then it is just another instanced warzone... we will have 4 of those in 1.2, I don't think that is the right direction at all.

Population imbalances would mean "RAW" Open World would only exist when the patch comes out to add it then it would quickly die.

At least with PvPvE you can balance around the people in the zone by making the NPCs scale to the number of players. I think a NPC controlled 3rd faction is the perfect way to assist both sides depending on the current imbalance due to time of day or what have you.

It's not a system that should be rushed though, because poor implementation will just give the wrong vibe from BW on this. A lot of PvPers are already feeling slighted with 1.2s changes.

Adding in some Guild vs Guild stuff would also be very nice, but with rated coming I don't think that is as needed since rated groups are mostly going to be single guilds anyway.
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