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To me, the best PvP is just spontaneous PvP out in the world and not designating a planet for Open World PvP or placing objectives in specific areas.

Fun open world PvP to me is just walking around doing your own thing, but you can be attacker or attack someone at any time. Which is how PvP servers are set up currently except the way the game is designed, you don't really run into the other faction much.

I definitely appreciate the fact that 1-50 for imps and reps are completely unique, but I think, we need some daily areas that cross over. I'm assuming the new Corellia daily area is going to be separated? Ideally I would like to see all daily areas from now on be the same for both republic and imperials and let us run into each other while doing quests.

Let PvP happen, don't force it.
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