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03.28.2012 , 05:11 PM | #11
Open world PvP with decent objectives is the only thing that really works as end game.

Most MMO's follow a familar pattern you level up to max level and then you raid for gear to get the best gear which makes raiding easier to get the top end gear and once you have that all that is left is high end PvP.

Now there is no point to PvP if after the 5 or 10 min match and then everything is reset. Providing you are not after valor or commendations or some such it becomes pointless cause no matter what you do nothing happens and nothing changes. But if things change in the game world then people have a reason to fight and build allies and to stay fighting.

Probably the best example of this would be the Warhammer RvR lakes where people fought over areas or Restuss in Star Wars Galaxies where the two factions clashed. And that we already have factions in the game would make sence to use them as the basis for the PvP. Sort of fits with the idea that there is a war going on and futher promotes a greater sence of factional identity.

Now PvPvE often works the best as it gives people things to kill in the open world pvp areas things to kill while waiting on others to turn up to defend their base or objective.