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You know, it was a really good idea. I wish you could just improve it rather than throw it away. Normal mode raids are nice because of that loot system. Just have everyone loot the boss. Maybe they get something, maybe they don't. No muss, no fuss, no need for us to establish fancy loot rules.

But then we get to hard mode raids, and we are right back to old fashioned loot problems. When you happen to have 4 of the same class in the raid and two of that class's rakata item drops, it's a real PITA to distribute them. If you use the need/greed system, you run the risk of one person winning both. If you use the Master loot system, you run the risk of bugging out the loot.

By the way, the master looter system sucks.

You know what would be really nice in SWTOR raiding? An entirely new Master loot system. This is what I envision:

- Only the raid leader can loot a corpse. This prevents people from looting early when there may be dead people on their way back from the med-center.

- When the corpse or chest is looted, pop up a big window for everyone in the raid. This window would be similar to the auction house UI, capable of listing every item the boss has all at the same time.

- Individual players can 'opt-in' for each individual piece of loot. Everyone in the raid can see who has opted for what.

- The master looter can make sure everyone has 'opted' for the items they need to, and everything is taken care of. Loot is not distributed until the master looter hits a 'go' or 'accept' button.

- Each individual item would be randomly distributed (like need / greed) to the people who opted for it.

- People can change their mind and cancel their opt-in for an item before the master looter hits his accept button.

I described this idea to my raid group a while back, and the responce I got was "I wish we had that!". So please consider.