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03.28.2012 , 05:00 PM | #4
I would prefer 'raw' version of the pvp given the choices. However, if the factions are terribly imbalanced, open pvp suffers, so if things are terribly bad the PvPvE would be a good second choice.

Your factions working together for objectives will have to be meaningful though. If its simply hold these objectives for a minor valor gain or something, there is no real point in it.

edit: Also think that there should not be simply 1 planet with a pvp set of objectives. There should probably be at least 3 different planets, each that gives its own boost, that way players will have to decide which bonus is more important to them. Kinda like the relics of DAOC, but would prefer turnover to be a bit easier than the same side holding the same relics throughout much of the games life.