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03.28.2012 , 02:35 PM | #33
Hey everyone! My friends and I just produced the first show of our new podcast: The Promenade. We are doing our best to bring something fresh and original to the table, and thus we decided to be a informational topic show about all things related to Star Wars: The old Republic. For more infromation,

NAME : The Promenade
ABOUT : The Promenade Podcast was created in March of the year 2012 when three friends came together and decided they wanted to give something to the podcasting community after having taken so much from it. Thus, they came upon the idea of having an informative look into all aspects of Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Promenade Podcast is a show where one comes and learns something new about the lore or game play of Star Wars: The Old Republic while still having fun.
RELEASE/LENGTH : Every Wednesday; 1:00 - 1:30
TWITTER :!/ThePromenadePod

We are brand new, so any love the community sends our way would be fantastic. Also, we love feedback, and need it to grow!