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I see no reason that there can't be some (least one) Flashpoint at higher levels where a great threat is brewing and only using the combined might of both factions can you hope to stop it, 4 man 10 man raid whatever. - This can also solve some problems that plagued games where you can't find the right person to fill a role (tanks/healers)

Can even have at end where one turns on the other and which ever side is left standing gets a bonus loot item to roll on. (depends on them and if they win the social role to set this in motion)

Missions - would be nice but might take awhile to find someone from either faction to fill that spot.

Yes there has been opposing sides that have worked together to stop another threat (comic books being the big one, some cartoons, video games) Didn't they have some mutual goals that brought jedi/sith together in the star wars stories and hope they can turn at least one sith or jedi to their side, the great I will work with you but actually work behind your back for my own goal to save/destroy you in the end when this is all over. Come on people these stories have been out there accept that cross factions will happen and can work in some situations!
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