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On my Jedi Knight I have all of the Tython ones apart from the one you get for crafting your lightsaber (I read somewhere, swtor-spy I think, that this one is bugged) - you should receive it at the Forge when you make your saber, the Terentarek and the Wingmaw. The Wingmaw one is apparently also available on Balmorra, and is only included in the Tython lore entries because Consulars can get it there.

The Zabrak one I got when I spoke to the quest giver for Chamber of Secrets, but only after I had finished the mission once already (happened to be back on Tython around level 20 colelcting the ones I was missing).

Swtor-spy has a good guide for getting all of the lore entries in the game, including details on which ones are bugged or not.
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