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03.28.2012 , 02:55 AM | #102
At level 32 I couldn't defeat Tavus so decided to come back later. Now I can't get past the red screen in the air lock of Tavus's ship to complete the Justice quest. I cannot advance my Class story line. I cannot abandon either Justice or Stay Frosty (Bonus). In response to my tickets they finally told me that my issue had been forwarded to the devlopment team and to watch for patch notes..that they will not be giving me any more updates. I notice here that they (Notannus) posted on 12/29/11 that they would fix the problem. This is extremely discouraging. I agree with the post that yes, we can do dailies and Space combat and side quests..but we would like to advance our story line. I ran up against this when I tried to get my fourth companion..Tanno Vik and got a red screen to the quest giver. Tech support tells me I must advance my story line to clear the Tanno Vik red screen but I am stuck at the Justice Tavus's ship red screen. Please..SWTOR..fix this!