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12.13.2011 , 11:17 AM | #1
I have to do this for my friend because of the MAJOR issues he is having.

1.) It keeps saying he doesn't have permission to make a forum post SO that's why I'm here.

2.) His account does not list him having added in his Pre-order code which he did several months ago.

3.) When he tries to add it in again it says it's already been used.

4.) He called customer service yesterday and it took him 2 hours for it to stop saying "all lines are busy please call back another time" After he finally got on HOLD, he waited 4 hours and the call was NEVER answered, he had no choice but to go to sleep because of surgery in the morning.

HE can't get a hold of them today, not even to the point where he has to wait, it keeps saying to call back later. He tried customer service with Origin and they accidentally hung up on him when they said they were putting him on hold.

What is he supposed to do when he can't get customer service to fix any of his problems? I don't suppose there is another line he could that isn't being flooded by people complaining about their long wait for early access....ya know an actual problem.
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