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You misunderstood me. Tokens are bindable forms of currency for in-game items that are gained from accomplishing things in-game, like "shoulders of the forgotten vanquisher" since you're familiar with WoW. As for gold farmers, I said that they can benefit because they have the thousands, or tens of thousands of in-game currency to corner a market and raise prices. I didn't mean that it's necessary to buy gold with actual money. I was saying that to participate in the market effectively, you have to spend a terrible amount of time farming yourself to be able to participate.
I have to agree with ialsoagree.

Currency sinks in the game help attack and mitigate inflation in the player economy. Much like a government pulling bills out of circulation when they print new ones. Inflation is the biggest reason for price increases over time in a player economy. Players stockpile currency and as the years drag on, it means certain goods become more expensive.

And I'm not really sure I see your point that you have to play like the gold farmers do in order to succeed. I was a regular player in WoW. Usually about 10 hours a week, with most of that raiding. But I figured out how to make a decent amount of gold (usually about 600g a night in the Wrath era, depending on the market at the time) with very little time spent. Maybe 10 minutes a day. A huge chunk of that success was by knowing what to produce and sell in the market, finding that niche and finding the best time of day to exploit it. It took time and gold invested to mix up my professions to do that, but I rarely did gathering, and bought almost all of my materials off the AH. It was enough income that I didn't have to worry about gold, as the most expensive BoEs tended to be in the 10kg range when a new patch hit. So over 2 years, I only took big hits to my bank account about 3 times.

When I did gather (no more than an hour at a time, because it was pretty dull), I used the AH to help guide me on what to gather. As a game matures, inflation actually helps out the new player who knows what they are doing. People are willing to pay more for materials, which means new players get access to more currency as they level to pay for skills.

The reality is that gold sellers aren't trying to corner the market, really. If they caused a lot of inflation, it means what they have to sell (currency) is devalued, meaning they get less real money per 'block' of in-game currency. That is counter to their goals. If anything, they tend to create deflation in a game economy when it comes to raw materials and random world drop BoEs by upping the supply. Their goal is to convert as much stuff as they can into in-game currency to sell, and if they deflate the market a bit in the process, it is even better for them because it means they can charge more.

In SWTOR, because certain materials only come from missions, it places a lower bound on their market price, and discourages farming them by gold farmers (as they risk taking a loss and eating into their inventory for sale). If materials become cheaper than running the missions, that excess stock will usually get bought up, but if materials get too cheap, mission-running suddenly looks pretty good. It is an interesting way to offer checks and balances to the market and ensure that inflation/deflation doesn't get too out of hand. How well it will actually work is still up in the air. I haven't seen enough activity to really form an opinion one way or the other.