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Here's why;

1. If they didn't have lightsabers in the game, the forums would be rife with; "BW, why u no put in lightsaberz?". The majority of the gaming public, and everyone else for that matter, recognize Star Wars to be people with extraordinary abilities, in epic situations, wielding lightsabers. On the other hand, the very small minority, go further into the lore and read the books, comics and whatever else. Again majority =\= minority.

So in order for this game to appeal to the masses, not just you, certain elements need to be placed in game; hence we all run around with lightsabers. Suspension of Disbelief ... I suggest you get some.

2. If we all ran around with swords and the like, you'd be playing g WoW instead.

3. George Lucas (/thread) ... When have you ever known him to adhere to his own Canon and lore?
Not to be nit-picky, but...the OP wasn't asking why there were lightsabers in the game. According to his info (and I have no idea if it is Lore-accurate or not, and don't feel like checking Wookieepedia to see, so let's just assume it is) lightabers came about some time around 5,000 BBY. The game is set somewhere around the 3,600s BBY, so well after the advent of lightsabers. He was asking why the ancient Jedi--the first members of the order from between 20,000 and 30,000 years ago--that are depicted on Tython in statues and holos and such, are shown with lightsabers.

Now, having said all of that...I for one don't care. LOL There have been plenty of reasonable explanations as for why they'd be portrayed that way. So, doesn't matter to me one way or t'other. I just feel it's fair to make sure folks actually understand what the OP was talking about, before giving responses that misread or misunderstand his point.

Just trying to help. =)