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03.27.2012 , 04:55 AM | #24
Iirc, I did this one at 20 on my DPS Assassin, and 19 on my healing Sorcerer, but on both of those Khem is well-geared (orange gear with blue or purple mods at level) and my toon is also well-geared.
Both times, I just pulled her into the corridor away from the room (the adds will always spawn in the room, and if you are in the corridor they will usually not aggro - I was with a friend helping him a few days ago, and the adds came down the corridor).
If you pull her all the way back to the room with the toxic waste, you can use the exploding barrel there to weaken her a bit.
Make sure Khem is bubbled at the start of the fight, pop Recklessness and spam the lightning, keep refreshing the bubble on Khem as soon as you can, heal him if you have to.