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Quote: Originally Posted by Ulmius View Post
The SWTOR devs used to be against dungeon finder tools, however they caved and are going to add them. You can read about it here.

Rift devs used to be against addons. But they added them.
Rift devs also used to be against cross server lfg tools. But they added them.

SWTOR devs were against combat logs. But they started adding them.

What do all these have in common? Players want these tools. While the vocal minority purists may be against them, many players do want such tools. Trust me when I say that within 1 year this game will have addons and full combat logs instead of just personal logs.

Notice I said purists, not casuals. Casuals are people that enjoy experiencing the content instead of having a challenge. Casuals are the ones that play for a few hours a week. Casuals don't care if you put addons in the game, combat logs, or dungeon finder tools (although with their limited time they probably prefer dungeon finders). Purists however are the ones against addons, combat logs, dungeon finder tools, etc. Purists try to call themselves casual, however they don't realize that purist doesn't mean casual. Purists can be hardcore players that dedicate a lot of time to the game and want to experience the hardest content but make sure it's with nothing but the UI the devs give them. Casuals on the other hand cannot by definition, be a hardcore player.
And as you can see from this thread people also don't want it.

Quote: Originally Posted by Stryges View Post
I don't care about epeen.

I care why some mobs kill me and some don't. I want to know what is shredding through my armor and what isn't. I want to know which of my attacks is performing better against certain mobs.

This is for casual, solo play.
And the private combat logs is a great compromise for those who do and those who don't. You get the data to help you improve yourself and thy don't feel like they are playing numbers but a game.

Win win.

Also in regards of fun we are talking about the fun derived. Note the actions of some affect more than themselves.