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Generally speaking, the "ePeen issue" is seen as more of one of the causes than the problem.

To go back to the car metaphor, the problem is when people are carpooling, they aren't discussing the sort of drive they'll be having beforehand and dissenters are being shoved out during the middle of the ride. There is also alot of frustration as the everyone shares the road and streetracers keep honking their horns because the traffic is not going their speed. In the end, I think BioWare built a scenic highway and not an expressway or racetrack.
This has nothing to do with combat logs. Combat logs don't have the power to remove you from a group only people do. Thankfully, unlike real life you can simple ignore all other road users and continue on your way. It is entirely your descission who you get into a car with and there is no reason to limit the make and model of vehicles available simply because some are happy with their current vehicle.

Just remember that combat logs only state mathamatical facts. They are not rude or arrogant.
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