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03.26.2012 , 11:36 PM | #306
yes please.

And by the way, it's funny when people talk about how hardcore raiding guilds in wow aren't "fun". OK so wiping non-stop is fun for some, others think killing bosses is fun. Some think playing at all is fun, some think playing well is fun. Get enough people in the game and you can make everyone happy because the community works that way and is diverse and big enough to have diverse guilds. Logs won't break that.

Also, funniest arguments ever: "Why are people looking at my performance and how I play and not just letting me play however I want? My $15 entitles me to play however I want and if it's bad you have no right to tell me or not want to play with me". Followed by "no-one takes the time to actually help me improve my performance anymore "