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03.26.2012 , 10:02 PM | #25
By the way: Anyone else have ended up trying build 3/35/3? Made it up myself 2 days back and loving it. I don't miss upheaval that eats up my potency charges and also it's not guaranteed to get extra rocks even if you go upheaval so you can't trust in it.

+ Battle readiness more often(results more damage)
+ Cheaper whirling blow(pve and occasionally in pvp too for example to prevent multiple cappers)
+ Stronger armor penetration(results more damage with right conditions)
+ A bit better slow(noticed it's barely long enough to be very useful)

- No more 45% chance to get extra rock when using project. Which eats potency and is only 50% of the damage vs normal rock.

On a different note. Build 5/33/3 wich is mentioned in a handbook seems pretty bad. "Applied force" but no "Celerity". That's a bad choice imo and shouldn't be encouraged. Once it's fixed the build starts looking like my 3/35/3. I play all specs so I'm not infiltration specialist but I think this error in a build seems obvious. What do you all think?
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