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12.16.2011 , 09:10 AM | #3
I understand why it might frustrate you that other players on your team don't seem to think and let us SW/JK Force Charge our way to the goal line.

But, that's life. Can't help if some (a lot) of people have no situational battlefield awareness.

I will say this, as a Sith Juggernaut, it's rare I score less than twice in Huttball. I especially love dropping down into the pit to lure everyone after me, then jumping back up to a ledge where almost no one can follow without taking a 20 second detour. Or, when some silly Consular/Inquisitor knocks me off the ledge, it's hilarious when the mass of red follows after me, while there's always one slow noob still up there I can charge back up to. :/

Just remember, there are grapple-type abilities. So, for everyone of us JK/SW who seem to be 'abusing' Force Charge/Leap, some competent player on your team could be counteracting it. And, yes, I know how pandering that sounds since competent players on your team wouldn't let SW/JK use Force Charge/Leap to their advantage as often as they do.

I love Huttball btw.