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Oh great. . . now instead of being largely unnoticed, we get the Look-at-me-I-glow-please-come-kill-me aura.

I like subtle visual cues, like the jedi knight's saber flare up whenever they can riposte. Glowy aura is a little over the top for a class that's suppose to be "shadowy" and "subtle."
I dunno, it's a lot better than ridiculous pink and purple lightning flying across the battlefield directly from your oh see easily seen character.

I think that it's pretty good because it's not like there's something that can be done about it. Its instant cast, no one is going to be able to see the golden color and immediately know to CC. If they do, you'll eventually get full resolved especially if they need to CC from range as those are the higher resolve hitters.

Not to mention the Champ robes are yellowish/ brownish on the stalker.
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