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Both change have been made including moving it up the list to a more prominent spot. Thanks again! You have no idea how much your helping haha! It's so hard to catch these small scale mistakes when dealing with transfer of constantly changing information haha.

EDIT: Also gave you a special thanks for the help (which goes for anyone who can help me make this guide completely error free and updated. After all this guide is for YOU the community.

Thanks! I'm glad to help.

Ideally, this guide would be maintained by three people, each one an expert in one spec. I'm really knowledgeable about Balance, but I don't feel good enough about the others to give much advice. I know the basics, but I haven't really played them enough to really know what works.

Also, I enjoy how you added a line saying that Balance glows every time a DoT crits :P

EDIT: Ooh, Dev post. Cool ^^
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