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Countless times i've seen someone do exceptionally well, scoring highest objectives, highest kills, most damage, most medals, basically they did far better than anyone else.

Yet nobody will vote for them. Instead a couple guys who played average or even crap will get 1-2 votes each.

People just vote for their friends, the solution is do away with the voting system and just have the game rank players automatically and award extra based on that.
QFT.... People know there is MVP... I've literally scored highest damage/most kills in about 80% of my warzones, probably played about 30 so far, and I, again literally, have 0 MVP votes... not a single one...

I mean in one game I had 200k damage with 30 something kills and 1 death... No votes...

People either just randomly click or they vote their friends. Whenever I see a group of guildies together they always vote each other.

This is what happens when you reward people who receive the votes, people just random or give the rewards to their friends.

The only way to legitimize MVP votes is to make the scoreboard anonymous meaning that after each game it shows the statistics, but there are no names to identify players, that way you don't know where your friend is on the list. To make it work the scoreboard would have to be anonymous while the warzone was in progress as well.

Honestly MVP votes should just be removed from the game, its not worth measures like the one described above to fix a broken system.