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Thanks for changing the color scheme! Two other small things I noticed:

Quote: Originally Posted by Zintair View Post
Priority List (Standard):

1. Force in Balance (Even single target, every CD)
2. Spinning Strike (Target at 30% health or less)
3. Mind Crush (Force Strike buff, preferentially on an unafflicted target)
4. Shadow Strike (Find Weakness, behind target)
5. Sever Force (On a target not currently afflicted, or about to expire)
6. Force Breach (every CD or until DoT expires on boss)
7. Double Strike (bread and butter DPS spam for 2k+ damage totals)
8. Project (If Twin Disciplines is not active or expiring, very Force intensive so limit this)
9. Saber Strike (Conserving Force)
Mind Crush has a duration of six seconds, and the proc (Force Strikes) can only apply every 7.5s or more. The base cooldown is 15s. This means that it's virtually impossible to apply to an already-afflicted target. You'd have to use the cast-time, high-cost version, proc Force Strikes, and then use the instant-cast version. Maybe take that part out?

Quote: Originally Posted by Zintair View Post
Mind Crush: Only when Force Strike is active. Instant, no-cost Mind Crushes will give you a significant amount of burst, as well as regen from Force Suppression charges. The only bad part is that you'll have to watch your buff bar closely as there is no easily noticed visual indicator of this somewhat rarely activated ability. Force Strike actually makes you glow bright gold.
"There is no visual indicator. On an unrelated note, this makes you light up gold."

Think you can spot the issue there :P. Also, maybe you should move this up the list a bit? It's one of our five essential rotation skills, so it doesn't belong among the other lesser-used skills. It's in the right place for Kinetic/Infiltration (who should never use it, ever), but for Balance it deserves a nicer view.
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