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why is this post no longer stuck?
Because there is quite a bit of misinformation that needs to be updated.

The Deception tree carries a lot of misinformation on it, which should be changed.

To name a few.

1. Any Deception build without Charge Mastery is a bad build. VS and Maul desperately need the improved Armour Pen. The only reason you wouldn't use Charge Penn is if you planned on running around in Dark Charge at which point why not just roll Darkness spec.

2. The rotation is a bit off.
1. Assassinate
2. Maul (Duplicity Up)
3. Discharge w/Reck (with 5 Stacks of Static Charge)
4. Discharge w/o Reck (with 5 stacks of Static Charge)
5. Shock (Induction Up)
6. Voltaic Slash
7. Saber Strike

3. Discharge should not be used on CD except possibly in pvp when you don't have time to build a stack of five, but it is a significant dps loss to do it. It's 6 percent more per stack. Losing 12-18 percent damage is a significant dps loss.

4. Force Slow should not be used all the time. I am almost positive it builds resolve though I will have to double check.

5. Low Slash with Whirlwind is almost ridiculoulsy comical. There isn't a single Deception Sin I know who uses Whirlwind except in Extreme Circumstances. It's like using Forced Lightning. It's never used except when you have no other options.
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