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Just wanted to add that double strike(spec'd balance) does more damage than clairvoyant strike. Inf use CV primarily to gain the bonuses for project.

Just a little tidbit.

Also, I'm geared in rakata and some columni, so figure in the 15% extra crit to DS spams from the 4pc.

Almost forgot. At all current gear levels balance will outdps infiltrator in all pve situations that longer than 8-12 secs. Infiltrator has the better burst(marginally). Balance has the better sustained dps(marginally). In case you wanted to add that flavor to the guide.

One last item, balance's optimal rotation should not include Project as it is a force waster and you receive much better results going into a DS spam, especially true after one achieves 4pc set from gearing.
I agree 100% with this newer information. This is the very next stage I am doing is going back through everything and updating for more current feedback. Thanks for the update with Balance. I've recently made the switch as well from Inf in my raids when I DPS too.
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