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I'm not really talking about whether they're soloable or not. I've soloed pretty much all of them while they still yield XP unless it's one of those where you've to fight a Champion with boss immunity + friends (practically no way to do anything clever there). That's not the point. Like one of the post mentioned, Heroic 4s are just wasted content. You don't need them for XP, and you don't get any interesting loot. They're not even important to the story (that's actually why I did it in case they've a cool cutscene, which they do not) in any way. It's just this quest you pick and then immediately abandon because you know nobody's going to do it, and I see the same guys spamming "LFG for random heroic 4' all day without ever getting the people to do it.

Voss has a heroic 4 (The First Commando I think) that basically has 5 boss fights back to back and each of them drops a blue loot, and I think the final one drops a purple. They're also very tough, on par with FPs of the same level (the last guy you've to interrupt all his nukes or he pretty much one shots the tank, which is asking a lot from a pickup group). This is an example of a Heroic 4 with the right amount of risk, though even there it's hard to get people to do it. Yes some of it is because people don't want to group at all, but if you've a mini FP with the corresponding loot drop some people might at least be motivated. I did that Heroic 4 quite a few times with friends because it's actually worth the time to find people. Certainly I can't imagine why I'd ask a friend to come do a standard Heroic 4 that involves killing large number of elite packs and yield an item worse than a blue level gear of that level. When I asked for help on Heroic 4s on daily missions my reasoning was literally 'because I want to see what happens when you beat it'.

I think I have soloed every heroic 2 while the mobs are still yellow (so +2 at most) with a wide array of classes. They're actually very well thought out. It's unfair for some classes (i.e. if you can only CC droids, you might be screwed) but if the heroic 2 features a mob you can CC, then you can pretty much always do it.