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I am not against Heroic 4s, but I am against them being EVERYONE in one planet and outnumbering Heroic 2s.

I believe there should be ONE Heroic 2 in each main area of a planet.

In contrast, there should be ONE Heroic 4 on the planet that sort of coincides with the main planet's storyline in a deeper way that the other planet quest/Heroic 2s do not. In essence, I am saying that they should be more like mini flashpoints with much dialog options and cinematics instead of an open area of enemies to kill, collect and item, and go back to turn it in.

The problem with Heroic 4s and why nobody does them is because there are TOO MANY of them on one planet to the point where people like myself just skips them to keep the pace of my planet/class story level.

If there were just one big Heroic 4 on each planet, you'll have more people willing to do them because it would be easier to find a group considering that many other people are probably looking for people to join with. And the 1 Heroic 4 on every planet should have more depth to it in terms of cinematics and dialog like some flashpoints [Think Black Talon or The Esseles].


People do Heroic 2s in groups because it is easier to group. Two tanks can group together and one can bring a DPS companion and the other can bring a healing companion. However, for a Heroic 4, you have to spam chat to find 2 DPS, 1 Healer and 1 Tank. And it is always hard to find that 1 healer. So imagine trying to do this 4-5 times on one planet!

Atleast with Heroic 2s you don't have to worry about finding a complete group, just join with someone and use your companions to fill the missing roles [i.e. tank or healer].

So yeah, for future content [expansions] I think Bioware should just have 1 Heroic 4 on the planet and the rest being Heroic 2s.
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