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Tycho Celchu was in RotJ, you actually see a few clips of him in RotJ though his name isn't mentioned.

Anyways one of my favorite chars with EU was Anakin Solo, I also like Corran Horn, and Ben Skywalker.

Used to like Jacen but then he went off the deep end.
They did go crazy with Jacen and kind of go against what he was about. He still is my favorite character of all time though. I like Anakin and Ben as well. It's kind of a shame they had to kill off Anakin because right around the time he died he was becoming the most interesting character with how powerful he was becoming and the love developing between him and Tahiri. I don't quite "love" Ben yet like I do some of the other characters but I'm very interested in seeing what they do with him next. I'm still reading Apocalypse so I haven't seen what happens between him and Vestara yet. I need to get on that.
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