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any update about the Jedi Weapons lore entry?
Not yet. I'll check during my lunch today if my ticket got answered.

Good post! I'm missing both Terentatek and Wingmaw, plus Satele and the big statue from the Jedi Temple...
The Terentatek is suppose to be obtainable at level 10. However, I have not been able to find a Terentatek on Tython or anyone talking about one. I believe that it is obtained on another planet as lore entries can fall under multiple planets, the same goes with Wingmaw.

As for Satele, I'm not sure how you didn't get that one. It definitely should have been automatic. Did you get a quest to go see her before the Jedi Council? If so, did you go to the Jedi Council first?

There is no lore object inside the Jedi Temple, except the chair. The statue is in the training grounds and it is a sign-post in front of it that you interact with.

I'm missing a Person of note sadly. I wonder if it should be Master Satele, becouse even after my the knighting "ceremony" she's still not in my consular's codex.
Same for the guy above. When I first arrived at the Jedi Temple, I received a quest to go see her before going to see the Jedi Council? Did you receive that quest and go to the Council first? I don't see any other way to get it but automatically, because you don't see her outside of any instances.