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12.16.2011 , 08:33 AM | #1
Does anyone know when you right click with your mouse on a target WHY you use attack on spell bar 1? mean it starts do attack by right clicking at a target, and i can't find anyplace where to turn it off ????
At times special if it's many mobs etc i tend to right click at targets, and then i use my spell that is on the slot 1....

Also this button: | <--- it cannot be changed???? i mean when i press on spell 1 on my bar i tend sometimes to hit that by misstake and then it comes up that "issues report thing...." and it's also VERY annoying, specialy in pvp... = instant fail...
I really hope someday i can redo the key to this, find it VERY odd i cannot change shortkey to it, or remove it...

I don't make a habit of complain about a awesome game, but this is only issues i have with the game, other then this the game is AWESOME! best mmo i ever tryed, so congrats on awesome game Bioware
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