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There is really no reason to believe that the numbers will magically fix themselves. If it's 2-1 on many servers now, it'll stay that way even after the launch.

The problem is there is nothing to prevent it. The only drawback is playing Huttball over and over - but like I said that will actually be to the detriment of Republic players as they will be playing a lot less Huttball.

I saw what happened to WHO, was there right from the start and it was so obvious right from the start that the faction imbalance would seriously hurt the game. Something needs to be done quickly or any open world pvp will be a joke.
But remember WhO was only one of a few games with factions that did not listen to fans or the tech team. WhO's major error was it favored one side only even at alpha, beta, and at launch and after during patches they favored the one side. WhO did it to themselves, and tried to fix their own blunder by trying to have others join the opposing faction with a generic xp buff, when everyone new the better items and endgame for WhO was obviously the promoted Favorite from the start.

As I said, still to early to even state what is imbalanced or not, I kjnow I'll be rolling both sides and seeing light and dark sides on all classes and factions to see how the story works out.
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