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03.24.2012 , 10:47 AM | #10
They are both fun to play imo. Despite what is insinuated in the thread mars arent really that much harder to play with the changes in 1.2 I believe they are trying to make it slightly easier due to the amount of people who complained. Personally I think mars are awesome and had no trouble leveling without a healer comp or in PvP as long as you have a firm grip on key bindings and using a lot of them.

It is really your playstyle and what you prefer as noted there is a lot of mars leveling currently.

As noted I wouldnt be surprised after 1.2 to see a nerf to mars as right now a good player is near unbeatable 1v1 with cds up with all the changes I think they will annihilate people. PTs have some different spec options and guard and taunt are awesome for team pvp.

Good luck!