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The only class that isn't complaining about 1.2 killing them are Snipers/Gunslingers. They're complaining that 1.2 doesn't buff them enough to bring them out of uselessness...
Oh the snipers/gunslingers are complaining. You just can't hear them, because seriously, who would play that class? Snipers and Gunslingers bring nothing of value to a group that another class can't bring and do better.

I dig that they are getting "buffed", in that they can be in cover when rooted. For a class that doesn't move (MM spec), that seems like a functionality that should have been implemented before launch.

A healing debuff? They get ignored by tanks as it is. Area Denial class my butt. Bubble and walk thru them.

A peel for PVP maybe? A speed burst for evasion?

A stealth, hell even an in place one. Snipers wear ghillie suits right? Just not in swtor apparently. In the starwars universe your "one shot, one kill" came from behind the neon baby gate.