Thread: Lag PvP only ?
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03.24.2012 , 06:42 AM | #1
So I just wondering,whats up, my old comp Intel e7300/duo core -8gb ram-asusP4q mb-ati6790- did fine in closed beta till when a power loss killed my mb 3 days ago, ran everything soo smooth pvp was killer...

I happen across a quick replacment for cheap , stats are Amd Phenom x4 9600 blk edition Quad core ,Gigabyte mb ga-ma-78gm-us2h(I have no clue just a model number) 8 gb ram-500gb hd-6790 ati,I though this was gonna do fine in pvp, well the game is sweet raids, open world but pvp is choppy ,the voices echo ,playes skip across the screen ,I like the wz's even huttball has grown fun ....

I have read the fourms some say they are fine and others have the same issue ,my question is whats a good modification or any advice on what I can do to boost mine up, or invest in a better motherboard ?