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Frankly it's unacceptable that the Sith outnumbers Republic 2-1 on many servers. This will just lead to the same kind of absurdity seen in Warhammer Online. Did you learn nothing from that game? All the sexing up of the Sith has just made it worse - how can the same mistake be made twice?

WHO had to add xp bonuses etc for the underplayed Order side a few weeks after the game started, for me SWTOR it needs to go further and penalties need to be added to the Sith players.

I'd start with giving out only half the medals to Sith who are on servers that outnumber Republic by more than 30%. Then maybe think of a system to slow down the pvp queues for them. Huttball allowing same factions sounds great until you realise that it's stopping these people from being stuck in queues - that is precisely what is needed here in order to make some Sith get sick of the wait and reroll. Not only that but with so many Sith v Sith huttballs games going on they'll soon get far better at that warzone.

People need to be penalised for rolling Sith or it will just get worse. Not some wishy-washy Republic xp bonus added too late. Act now or this game will go the same was as WHO - great pvp ruined by faction imbalance.
It isn't even launch day yet, the numbers for both sides will bounce around like crazy, there are massive amounts of story options that one can do. Many have already stated they will have both sides, no need to cry to the devs and demand those who wanted to pick Sith get punished because you feel there is an imbalance that is out of control already. So far I'm lookign at WoW from vanilla day one when for the first year the balance for both factions was crazy untill people found what they liked and which side they liked the most; nothing new and still way to early to even cry about it.
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