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03.24.2012 , 02:36 AM | #8
SWTOR is not "clicker friendly". If you want to be remotely competitive, you're going to need to learn to keybind. For example, you might *think* that Guardians are light on keybinds, but then you get adrenals, buffs, non-GCD abilities (meaning you need to hit them between GCDs to maintain DPS) and a host of target-plus-hit abilities.

Suddenly you're going "oh, I need to use a mouse AND keyboard, and the mouse needs to be targeting / moving, and the keyboard needs to be bound".

Learn to keybind. Learn to use your keyboard. There is no class that works well for a clicker, and anyone telling you otherwise is doing you a disservice because you are simply not playing well as a clicker.

You will get a host of abilities by 50 on every class, and the few that are "low" on abilities still have too many situation-specific abilities, non-GCD CDs, and area-target abilities for a clicker to ever play seriously