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As a lvl 18 sorcerer I used this method.

- Killed everything on the way down
- put pet on passive and bubbled
- ran all the way to the exit area (bubbling along the way).
- When I jumped into the exit area, all the trailing mobs reset.
- went back and killed my way to the boss (pet/tank)
- pulled the boss all the way back to the exit without jumping into the exit area.
- Burned the boss until it went underground.
- it came back up and I continued to burn.
- by the time it went under again, the 1st set of adds were just coming up the ramp.
- it came back up and I burned the boss down. then killed the 1st set of adds.
- the second set never came at me.
- went back and killed the second set of adds in the main room and looted the goods.

Thanks for the help!
I ran this as a level 17 Assassin. At first was having trouble, died two or three times, but I was getting lower than half health on the baddie, so I knew I could do it. This was the first help I found on a strat for him.

Force Speed let me get past the main chamber, and then again to get to the elevator chamber without taking much damage. Once you get into that elevator chamber (the bugs following me reset like Cisco-Kid said), there are 2 more bugs. Killed them and then pretty much followed the above (and the post that he followed) and it was easy. The real deciding factor was pulling the boss to the end of the tunnel, otherwise the minions catch up too quickly. I died once because I only pulled the boss to about the middle of the second tunnel. Once I pulled him to the end, it was cake. Thanks for the help everyone

(Also, I haven't used any skill tree points yet. Not sure if that matters to you guys or not. I spammed my regular combo of spells to burst him down, set KV on DPS mode and I only really hit him 2 or 3 times once KV died.)